Lady Gaga: Primal Priestess

Lady Gaga’s alchemy is ageless and age-old. The ubiquitous Lady Gaga is the newest “It Girl” with mega hits, a creative directorship for Polaroid and endorsements for brands like Estee Lauder’s Viva Glam products. But through Dr. Bob’s anthropologist’s lens, 23 year-old Stefanie Germanotta represents something completely primal, a shamanistic high priestess.”

Beyond the torrent of press coverage and her 5.2 million Facebook fans, or “little monsters” as she lovingly calls them, lurks a fascinating back-story. It’s not just how Lady Gaga sings and dances to her own beat, like Mic and Astaire, who danced to the melody. Each shaman whether from New Guinea or the Amazon, has an atypical gait and tempo, a reflection of their other-worldliness.

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