Dr. Bob

The focus of BobDeutsch.Me is YOU. Its focus is all of us as real people... people who want to feel fulfilled and who fight heroically against monsters (big and small) on a daily basis.

We all share a human need to be and do what reflects our innermost nature -- to live in our own, true, unique identity.

After 35 years of studying human nature and the nature of mind, I have identified the five essentials everyone already possesses that you can use to create a “self-story” that is iconic of YOU.

The book, The 5 Essentials: Using Your Inborn Resources To Create a Fulfilling Life, contains stories of people from all walks of life - the famous and not publically-known, young and old, female and male - who made and continue to make that hard-fought and wondrous, zigzag journey to create a core narrative of who they truly are, that both keeps them anchored and sets them free to explore more possibilities.

  • Don’t you wish you could express your true nature in everything you do?
  • Don’t you wish you could continuously discover new things about you and the world?
  • Don’t you wish you could be happier than you are now?

Information contained in this website, starting with the book, THE 5 ESSENTIALS, can benefit you if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions. You could gain more energy, more satisfaction, and more inner smiles. Isn’t that what your life should be about?


How I, Bob Deutsch, came to discover and write about the 5 essentials is a story that is very unlikely. More than 25 years ago, I was working as a field anthropologist living in the primeval forest studying a primitive tribe. I was sleeping in a makeshift hut and existing mostly on a high-starched form of sweet potatoes - while dreaming of tomatoes and garlic (I love Italian food). When I set off I, of course, expected the unexpected, but my provisions were still somewhat of a shock to me. I came from New York City where the living spaces and the restaurants offer a variety of comforts and tastes. Back then I never imagined that now I would be introducing my new book, THE 5 ESSENTIALS: Using Your Inborn Resources To Create a Fulfilling Life.

That’s part of the message of this book: If you are open, and don’t have to always know the end at the beginning, if you are curious and responsive to what your own senses tell you about what excites you and what repels you, life can be full of great surprises that reveal the real you to you. And, after all, isn’t that the goal of life - to live a life that is authentic and iconic of who and what you truly are.

The 5 Essentials is an exhortation to truly live. Don’t sell your self short. Don’t live a life that is smaller than it should be. This search for the authentic you will lead to you to experience more fulfillment, more accomplishment, and more fun. You will be overwhelming richer for having used all your essential resources.